Interested in improving your drawing, painting, and color mixing skills?

Need help setting up your home studio and starting your new hobby?

Are you wanting to learn how to make your own paint and art materials?


I am available to come to your work space, assess your personal goals, develop a custom syllabus and timeline to meet your needs, then guide you through a series of exercises to improve your artistic skills and cultivate your own personal style.  I have experience working with a range of skill levels; those with little to no experience and need help beginning their new art hobby,  intermediate artists that need critique and a supportive course of study to develop their own work and style, to advanced artists that need technical assistance.


If you are interested in private art lessons the first step is to contact me via email or telephone with details of your interest.  I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible so we may discuss in greater detail your expectations and preferred method of moving forward.

Most classes are 2-3 hours once or twice a week over an agreed timeline

Estimated Cost for Private Classes is $30 per hour



Any travel required beyond a 5 miles radius of Asheville City Center (Pack Square) will be charged roundtrip mileage at the current IRS Rate. 


Group class

If you have a friend or a small group of people that are interested in taking similar lessons along with you, the first step is to contact me with details about the kind of class the group has in mind, along with the names, phone numbers and email addresses for everyone wanting to participate. I will then contact each person and have them fill out a survey to better understand the artistic needs of the group.  I will arrange a time for me to meet with all participants in the working space chosen for the group, I will bring a proposal for a syllabus of projects that seem appropriate to meet your goals.  I will evaluate the space and any materials and equipment individuals already have on hand.  Taking your feedback from the initially proposed syllabus and my assessment from the visit I will email a final outline of projects and lessons.

Estimated Cost of group classes are:

$75 for 2 hour session + $25 per each additional person

$25 for each hour the session is extended + $15 per each additional person





Paint and Material Making Demos and Workshops    Fee: $200-$600

Making your own paint and art materials is fun and allows you to better understand and control your medium.   Stretching your own canvases, making sizings, grounds, paint, mediums, varnishes, refining oils, and learning about pigments is often more economical and result in  higher quality materials and artwork!  If you are an artist that is interested learning about paint and material making, you have a work space, and are ready to invest in basic equipment and supplies the process and pricing structure is the same as private classes.  If you are an organization or group inquiring about an on site demo or workshop the fee will be determined by your needs and interests.  


Phone: (828) 707-7541