Need help setting up your home studio and starting your new hobby?

Interested in improving your drawing, painting, and color mixing skills?

Are you wanting to learn how to make your own paint and art materials?


I am available for one-on-one painting and drawing lessons.  After we assess your personal goals, I develop a custom syllabus and timeline to meet your needs. This can range from a one day workshop to a series of classes over the course of several weeks or months.  I will then guide you through a series of imformation and exercises to improve your artistic skills and carters towards your own personal style.

 I have experience working with a range of skill levels; those with little to no experience and need help beginning their new art hobby,  intermediate artists that need critique and a supportive course of study to develop their own work and style, to advanced artists that need technical assistance.

If you are interested in private art lessons the first step is to contact me via email or telephone with details of your interest.  I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible so we may discuss in greater detail your expectations and preferred method of moving forward.

Most sesssion are 1-3 hours once or twice a week over an agreed timeline

Estimated Cost for Private lessons is $30 per hour


Contact Perry




129 Roberts Street

Wedge Studios 2B7

Asheville, NC 28801